Devil’s Food Dictionary: on Chopsticks


Food is a serious subject for me – reading about sensuous food odysseys and gourmet experiments (as well as occasionally dabbling myself) is all well and good, but I have to admit sometimes gourmands take things a liiiiiiittle too seriously ~_^ ::coughGOURMETcough:: I mean, who the hell really goes out and buys some of the ingredients they ask for in recipes (ever read their article on the proper medieval verbs for carving a peacock? ya know, just in case you have one at your next BBQ)? But anyway, sometimes you just want an irreverent look at all that gourmand gobbledegook – like at The Devil’s Food Dictionary. This is my fav entry of the week (Barry updates twice weekly):

A pair of sticks, usually tapered, that
serve as eating utensils for people in
East and Southeast Asia. Chopsticks
are most often made of wood or plastic;
Koreans use steel chopsticks, but perhaps
that is just the way Koreans are. Authentic
chopsticks are always hollow, like a straw,
to aid in drinking soup.
One of the most efficient means of
learning chopstick use is by trying to pick
up jellybeans. But after diligent practice,
many Westerners are disappointed on
arrival in China or Japan, to learn that
jellybeans are nearly nonexistent in
those countries.

chopsticks, rubbing together of
Formerly aimed at removing
splinters and jagged edges, chopstick
rubbing now helps discharge static electricity
that accumulates on a restaurant customer’s
walk from the entrance to his table. The
proliferation of fully carpeted, upscale
eateries in China has made sudden static
discharges dangerously common, injuring
thousands of nouveau riche Chinese
each year.

A type of chopsticks designed for
use with particularly oily foods.”


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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kirsten
    Feb 20, 2008 @ 02:06:18

    I love the Devil’s Food Dictionary!

    Perhaps my favourite definition ever is that for “seven”: A major ingredient of the soft drink 7UP.



  2. madsilence
    Feb 20, 2008 @ 11:56:03

    I never knew about the site until I found it linked on another food blog. It’s one of those things that brings a smile even on the crappiest of days (right next to CuteOverload, that is ~_^). I hope he eventually gets a publisher, this would make a great coffee-table book!


  3. leafless
    Feb 23, 2008 @ 04:05:36

    Bamboo chopsticks are ones of highest quality. The smell of bamboo add flavor to any great dish. Anyway, I happen to be one of those foolish ones who actually go out and buy all the ingredients prescribed by the recipes.


  4. madsilence
    Feb 23, 2008 @ 14:50:57

    leafless, do you mean waribashi? they are the scourge of the universe XDDD
    “Every year, Japan gets through roughly 24 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks. That’s 185 pairs for every person in Japan. What began as thrifty way to use up wood scraps in the 1870s has spiraled out of control into a fiendish national habit.”
    and other fun comments here:


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