The art of culinary research

Have an appetite for Langue-de-chat or cat’s tongue? 

Ever wonder why toad-in-the-hole is so named when there are no toads or holes involved? 

Interested in the history of Monkey bread (aka pull-apart bread, bubble bread, Christmas morning delights)?  Want to learn how to make Jealousy Puffs or Gargoyle Sauce

Welcome to the Food Timeline!  This site is the work of Lynne Olver, “(a) reference librarian with a passion for food history.”  Olver crams her site with amazing, interesting and unusual information.

The section of this site that I like best?  Decade foods (USA: 1900s-1980s) describes popular 20th century American foods.  Learn what the Victorians ate in the early 1900s or reminisce over the foods of your childhood.


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