Holiday Gift Guide 2008

Total Christmas Price Index
Total Christmas Price Index

There’s little doubt that the cost of giving has gone up. The PNC Christmas Price Index, which analyzes the cost of gifts mentioned in the holiday classic song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” has increased by 8.1 percent over last year.  The Seven Swans-a-Swimming led the way, carrying the greatest weight with a whopping 33.3 percent increase due to their scarcity.

And yet generosity continues to be its own reward.  Here are some holiday gift ideas for all those art lovers and creative types out there…  from your friends at MadSilence.

These Anxiety Sculptures are cute and timely.
These Anxiety Sculptures are cute and timely.

Artist Christine Kaiser’s Anxiety Sculptures (above) seem a perfect gift for the times. The artist believes that, “An anxiety held in your hand or placed on a shelf is one less hiding in your heart.”

The delightful sculptures of David Edgar crafted from recycled plastic detergent and laundry bottles would make an excellent gift for the ecologically minded.  Edgar works with “consumer-based recycled materials [to create] expressive, uniquely crafted and affordable artworks that are accessible to the public” and “embrace a festive aesthetic with lighthearted imagery that…resonates in contrast with our increasingly stressful society.”  Hmmm…  stress again.  Does anyone detect a trend here?

Big Blue-Sailed Pinkie by David Edgar

Big Blue-Sailed Pinkie by David Edgar

Now here’s a nifty gift idea for those young, inexperienced and wanna-be artists.  How about a painting by numbers set?  Before you know it they’ll be painting like John Constable or Jasper Geerards.  Or painting beautiful pictures like Flower FairiesOh, if only ’twere so easy!

Flower Fairies  from

Painting by Numbers: Flower Fairies from

Of course a garden sown with heirloom seeds might convince the Flower Fairies to stick around.

The Etsy website is a great place to shop for handmade gifts.  Take a look at this handmade steampunk jewelery from birdzNbeez.   Cool stuff!   Looking for a gift for MadSilence the more mature, wise & wonderful?  You would do well to check out Geninne’s Art Store on Etsy.  I wouldn’t say no to a print from the Collage Bird Series.  For more Etsy gift ideas visit the Gift Guide 2008 {Art} posted on the WordPress blog Creativeadoration.  There are suggestions for all the art lovers out there!

Still struggling with gift ideas?  Why not send the gift of garbage? Some artists might welcome the gift of trash, the flotsam and jetsam of the waste stream, the old appliances, worn clothing, construction debris, and other garbage that households and businesses discard each day.  Especially if the artist is in the Artist In Residence Program at San Francisco Recycling and Disposal, Inc.

Monopoly Purse and Shoes  by Daphne Ruff

Monopoly Purse and Shoes by Daphne Ruff

Whether your favorite hot beverage is coffee, tea or chocolate, the “I Am Not A Paper Cup” from Decor Craft Inc. is ideal.  It’s made of double-walled thermal porcelain with a silicone top.  Eco-friendly and reusable.


According to NPR the Year’s Best Gift Books include some delightful art books that will have you reaching for the books through your screen.   The New York Times provides a list of books that are filled with Words Worth a Thousand Paintings.

Need more ideas?  Be sure to check Nicholas Forrest’s list of Christmas Gifts for Art Lovers at   Oh he’s making a list, he’s checking it twice…

Just remember that giving starts with MadSilence at home…      :-)

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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. leafless
    Dec 06, 2008 @ 02:25:15

    So many neat gift ideas. Are there more?


  2. zmanowner
    Dec 06, 2008 @ 06:43:04

    The anxiety sculptures are priceless they would do it for me…hahaahah they make me smile…Great post…Zman sends


  3. madsilence
    Dec 06, 2008 @ 08:53:17

    Leafless there’s always more. Try Artecnica at

    Zman the Anxiety Sculptures are my favorite.



  4. Deborah Barlow
    Dec 07, 2008 @ 09:57:42

    As the phrase goes, this is beautiful because it is so useful, and useful because it is so beautiful…thanks for this, seriously!


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