More food blogs for your buck – Blogs with Bite Holiday Style

BlogsWithBite!  Take-Out in the Dining Room, after Paul Signac,” by Mike Licht.

BlogsWithBite - the logo! "Take-Out in the Dining Room, after Paul Signac,” by Mike Licht.

NotionsCapital is back with Blogs with Bite – this time with a very holiday feel to it!  Go check out their latest installation, including some awesome sites about the history of the turkey, The Barf Blog and The World’s Largest Food Encyclopedia!  Here’s a little excerpt to get your salivary glands going…

Here is a fresh serving of Blogs with Bite:

A Brief History of Turkey Research at BARC The USDA’s Beltsville Agricultural Research Center developed the Beltsville Small White Turkey, the genetic foundation of most turkeys sold today.

MeatHenge - Grilled meat, smoked meat, roasted meat and photography. Restaurant and product reviews from across the USA; recipes.

Gastronomer’s Guide - Well-written food blog by New York’s Joseph Erdos.

International Federation of Competitive Eating – IFOCE “supervises and regulates eating contests in their various forms throughout the world” with affiliates in United States, Japan, England, Germany, Canada, Ireland, Thailand and Ukraine.

~MS the Younger

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  1. Nancy
    Dec 09, 2009 @ 04:29:20

    How I love that particular Signac! Well-chosen!


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