Will this house sell?

What a surprise and pleasure to discover the image of this Japanese home in the pages of The Wall Street Journal!  Located in Kanazawa’s Teramachi district, I’ve walked and cycled past this property dozens of times when living in Kanazawa.  The feeling of homesickness is strong as I view the picture of this traditional Japanese-style home surrounded by beautiful gardens.  The gardens were built around the end of the Meiji period, between 1868 and 1912.

This property in Kanazawa boasts an immaculate Japanese garden that was born by a fusion of modern technology and natural masterpieces including the beautiful Io Mountain range and the flowing Sai River of Ishikawa Prefecture. This invaluable garden was created by Jihei Ogawa (a.k.a. Ueji), one of Japan’s most important grand masters of garden design from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, best known for works such as Chinzanso and Furukawa gardens in Tokyo, and Hekiunso and Murinan gardens in Kyoto. In 2004, this garden was appointed a Cultural Asset by the City, which became the first garden in Kanazawa made after the Meiji period to receive this honor.

Within the garden grounds lies lava rocks from Mount Fuji and a grand 5.5 meter waterfall, that flows through two more small waterfalls and mountain streams, finally ending in a pond where Koi carp are playfully swimming. The clearness and gentle flow of the water and the moss covered rocks that resemble soft velvet; there is so much visual stimulation that leaves an ever-lasting impression.

At first glance, this grand residence looks as though it is only surrounded by nature, but also there are Taisho period, state-of-the-art construction technology in the portions that are not visible – for example in the concrete construction method for the modeling of the waterfalls. The residence itself is built with Hinoki wood from the Kiso forest and Jindai Cedar woord, thus, considered extremely precious by expert craftsmen, and has been appointed as a National Registered Tangible Cultural Property. Inside the beautiful Japanese style home exists spaces of rich color utilizing ultramarine blue and deep forest green, which create brilliant contrasts with the natural and serene landscape.

The house is listed with Sotheby’s International Reality for JPY800 million.

Will this house sell?  Certainly it will if I have anything to do with it.  I’d love to own this property in Kanazawa.  Friends, family and former JET ALTs, can we pool our funds?

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