L’Odyssee de Cartier

Have you seen the latest television commercial from French jeweler Cartier?  View it at the Cartier Facebook page or at Adweek.  I watched the ad, which is laden with fantastical images, with mouth open as it ran one, two and finally over three minutes in length, following the Cartier leopard as it comes to life, travels ’round the world, dances with a Chinese dragon, and finally comes to rest on the wrist and under the caress of a beautiful woman.  What an odyssey!  There’s a sleigh ride and the Taj Mahal and a Wright Brothers airplane.  And jewels.

According to Adweek:

The French jeweler is out with a fantastical new long-form ad that reimagines the brand’s 165-year history as a diamond jungle cat’s adventures through space and time. Created by Marcel Agency and directed by A-list commercial director Bruno Aveillan, the three-and-a-half minute spot is gorgeously shot—an absurd little treasure that, like most fashion spots, is long on style and short on substance. It opens on the brand’s flagship Rue de la Paix storefront, where a bejeweled feline statuette comes to life before embarking on a journey to the ends of the Earth. The trip takes her past a snowy Russian tsarina flashing a Cartier diamond, across the Great Wall—which we learn is actually the back of mystical serpent—and through the Taj Mahal, bursting with other Cartier-crafted flora and fauna and located atop an oversized mammal.

Ultimately, a Cartier-watch-wearing pilot whisks our heroine away on the nose of a Wright-era flying machine, carrying her back to present-day Paris, where she is apparently reunited with a character the brand calls “The Lady in the Mansion,” played by model Shalom Harlow, who clues us in to the fact that the panther sheds diamonds, too.

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  1. szoutewelle
    Apr 15, 2012 @ 12:19:00

    hi you guys, nice to see you back. I’ve missed you both. Either you’ve both been offline for awhile, or I missed the link to where you DO hang out. I got to an old blog (?) where there hadn’t been any activity for ages.

    Thanks for the Cartier tip, it took my breath away.


    • madsilence
      Apr 22, 2012 @ 14:29:36

      Hi Sarah. Always a pleasure. We’ve been busy with the day to day, caring for elderly parents etc. Carolyn is home from Japan after five years looking for the next adventure… Trust all is well


  2. szoutewelle
    Apr 22, 2012 @ 17:31:03

    Well, it is nice to be in touch again, you were my first followers and have a special place in my blogger’s heart. Glad all is well with you. And I know all about caring for elderly parents, having gone through that with my folks who are both gone. Fortunately my husband’s parents are well, bless them and are active 80 plussers.
    They are taking the camper on vacation next month!

    Come by my blog sometime, if you haven’t been. Type in ‘harpsichords’ in the search box to see my most recent painting commission.


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