bizarre, odd and downright weird books

At first thought, using words like bizarre, odd, or weird to describe a book leaves me feeling  a bit uncomfortable.  How can something so important be described in such a disrespectful manner?

That was until I visited AbeBooks’ Weird Book Room, the self-described “finest source of everything that’s bizarre, odd and downright weird in books.  [...]  With new titles added periodically, AbeBooks now ha[s] an excellent selection of crazy and strange titles for sale by [...] booksellers, about every oddball aspect of life you could possibly imagine (and a few things you couldn’t).”

Their collection of literary oddities will amuse, surprise, and delight. Upon perusal it appears most unusual tomes are judged so by their subject matter.  Certainly there’s someone out there who loves a book about Land Snails and Slugs, or possesses a strong affection for muskratsThe Strange Story of False Teeth may make a riveting tale; I for one am intrigued by the story of  Shepherds’ Crooks and Walking Sticks.  Certainly their authors believe their subject matter has value.  And most of the books are easily affordable.

My current favorite:  Electricity in Gynecology by May Cushman Rice:  Ouch!

Now that I’m more comfortable with the concept I’ll be searching my personal library for unusual books.  And you can even suggest your own biblio-oddity to add to the list.

Any bizarre, odd, or weird books out there?

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One Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Donna Martinez
    Jun 28, 2013 @ 21:35:33

    Fun stuff. I could spend hours looking at these weird books.


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