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MadSilence to&w (the older & wiser):

Age: mid 50s
Residence: NY, USA

I am a man who observes, who muses, who attempts to make sense out of a complicated world.  A man whose inner monologue  (or is it an inner dialogue? and if so with whom am I conversing?) never shuts down.  A man who feels the need to pierce the silence that separates me from others, to share my musings, observations and inner ramblings.  A man who struggles to find meaning and beauty in the world.  This blog is my attempt to pierce the mad silence.

The name of this blog, MadSilence, is taken from a quotation found in Thomas Hoving’s book, Making the Mummies Dance

TAB is a husband and father of two, a veteran civil servant, a voracious reader, a developing flâneur, a student of art & art history, and an avid collector of art & antiques 

MadSilence the Younger:

MS the Younger

Age: 27
Residence: NY, USA (previously 5 years in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
CAB has just returned from 5 years working as an ALT (assistant language teacher) with the JET Programme in Ishikawa, Japan.  Currently a job-seeker and sub-chapter rep for JETAANY, her nose is still constantly stuck in books (although more often it seems stuck in the internet these days).  Her interests include knitting and crocheting, cooking and more importantly eating, and most importantly continuing her experience as bridge between different cultures here in the US.


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