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Forgotten bookmark.I love when you open an old book or magazine and find a bookmark, or forgotten picture, or scrap of receipt or a recipe scribbled on a tattered old piece of paper.  I found this little bookmark on a piece of heavy card tucked into the front of “Mysterious Japan.”  I’m a little curious what the center roundel depicts.  At first I thought it was a religious scene, the woman wearing a veil and kneeling in the middle of her… bedroom?  Is it an allusion to an old biblical story or myth?  It’s probably not from classical antiquity…not with those robes!  There’s no poetry or quote on the back, and no publisher or printer marked on it either.  Anybody have any ideas what or who this picture might depict?

I was surprised to learn there are entire websites dedicated to those lost bookmarks and 2kitchensheaderrecipes.  The first is Forgotten Bookmarks.  Their sister site, Handwritten Recipes, collects all the recipes into one place, and people are already testing and trying them out!  There’s a recipe for “Pasta with Artichokes” that sounds absolutely fab(!!) and was tested by the ladies over at A Tale of 2 Kitchens.  It was the first time I’d heard about their blog, and I’m taken by lazygourmetstheir ingredient-driven, seasonal food blogging.  They’re definitely going on my to-read list!  I think the first thing I’ll try making is their Warm Breakfast Quinoa.  I’m always looking for another excuse to eat quinoa!  Also new to my blog-list this week is the lovely Two Lazy Gourmets.  The recipes are fresh, pictures inspiring, and there are also informative videos.  I’m looking forward to reading more of their blog!

…. (a little bit later)…

I took a little break while writing this post to go through some boxes from my grandmother’s house.  She sadly passed away about 3 weeks before I came home from Japan, and it was a real blow for me.  While I was sorting through some things, I found another bookmark!  The front has a scene from the Nativity, but it’s the poem on the back that really got me.

Don't Quit! PoemThe poem continues:

How close he was the the golden crown.

Success is failure turned inside out -
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems afar;
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit, -
It’s when things seem worst that you mustn’t quit!

It’s kind of like my grandma is sending me a message – I like to think she’s watching from Heaven and cheering me and my family on!

~MS the Younger

More food blogs for your buck – Blogs with Bite Holiday Style

BlogsWithBite!  Take-Out in the Dining Room, after Paul Signac,” by Mike Licht.

BlogsWithBite - the logo! "Take-Out in the Dining Room, after Paul Signac,” by Mike Licht.

NotionsCapital is back with Blogs with Bite – this time with a very holiday feel to it!  Go check out their latest installation, including some awesome sites about the history of the turkey, The Barf Blog and The World’s Largest Food Encyclopedia!  Here’s a little excerpt to get your salivary glands going…

Here is a fresh serving of Blogs with Bite:

A Brief History of Turkey Research at BARC The USDA’s Beltsville Agricultural Research Center developed the Beltsville Small White Turkey, the genetic foundation of most turkeys sold today.

MeatHenge - Grilled meat, smoked meat, roasted meat and photography. Restaurant and product reviews from across the USA; recipes.

Gastronomer’s Guide - Well-written food blog by New York’s Joseph Erdos.

International Federation of Competitive Eating – IFOCE “supervises and regulates eating contests in their various forms throughout the world” with affiliates in United States, Japan, England, Germany, Canada, Ireland, Thailand and Ukraine.

~MS the Younger

Best Foodie Books and Movies

Saw a great article today on Good called “Sex, Heaven, and Peaches” about human’s obsession with food, which they say is related to its sheer sensuality (and the fact that fruit is the direct result of plant sex ^^;;;;).

Spiced Honey Cake with Carmelized Figs - this kind of picture certaintly turns me on XD  From Chow's Fall Food Recipe collection.

Spiced Honey Cake with Carmelized Figs - this kind of picture certainly turns me on XD From Chow's Fall Foods Recipe Collection.

Western mystics also knew about transcendental fruits. Thoreau, for example, spent his sunset years trying to find heaven in wild berries. As he writes in a lost final manuscript reprinted recently under the title Wild Fruits, “My profession is to be always on the alert to find God in Nature—to know his lurking places.” Thoreau believed God liked to lurk in fruits: “Nectar and ambrosia are only those fine flavors of every earthly fruit which our coarse palates fail to perceive—just as we occupy the heaven of the gods without knowing it.”  ~Excerpt from Sex, Heaven and Peaches

Since I’m one of those foodies who craves food media as much as the the real article, I was happy to find a list of best food movies and books at the bottom of the article:

The top 10 films and books about food obsession.

The Sex Life of Food (St. Martin’s Press, 2007)
Countless crumbs of edible erotica are sprinkled throughout this study of culinary carnality by Bunny Crumpacker.

Tampopo (dir. Juzo Itami, 1985)
A quest for a perfect bowl of ramen, punctuated with surrealist food-sex vignettes.

Tangy Tart Hot & Sweet (Weinstein Books, 2008)
Soft-focus shots of Padma Lakshmi are as suggestive as personal food reminiscences. Some pretty good recipes, too.

Comfort Me With Apples (Random House, 2002)
From pre-AIDS Californian hippy sex antics to gluttonous Parisian flings, a tantalizingly honest page-turner by Ruth Reichel.

The Anatomy of Dessert (Modern Library edition, 2006)
This reissue of Edward Bunyard’s 1929 masterwork is a fetishistic handbook of fruit exaltation.

Wild Fruits (W.W. Norton edition, 1999)
When Henry David Thoreau sees apples at the market, he doesn’t just see fruit—he sees “Iduna’s apples, the taste of which keeps the gods forever young.”

Big Night (Dir. Campbell Scott, Stanley Tucci, 1996)
The final scene alone, of Primo and Secondo eating eggs in silence, is a moving testament to the power of food in storytelling.

Babette’s Feast (dir. Gabriel Axel, 1987)
After eating the best meal of his life, the hero says: “There comes a time when our eyes are opened and we come to realize that mercy is infinite. We need only await it with confidence and receive it with gratitude.”

Candyfreak (Algonquin Books, 2004)
Steve Almond explains how our obsessions “arise from our most sacred fears and desires and, as such, they represent the truest expression of ourselves.”

What’s Up Tiger Lily? (Dir. Woody Allen, 1966).
In his directorial debut, Woody “Sex Is Like Having Dinner” Allen overdubs a Japanese spy flick with racy sex gags about the world’s most delicious egg salad.

Sadly I haven’t seen or read a single on of these selections!  Can anyone comment on them?  I wouldn’t mind recommendations of which to start with ^^

~MS the Food Obsessed

PS:  A lot of readers have been suggesting other great food blog lists/sites.  Here are some of them:

Missed out on the first installments of food blog posts at MS?  Find them here:

More Best Food Blogs…

Photo credit ginnerobot.

Photo credit ginnerobot.

…from the wonderful blog NotionsCapital:

Blogs with Bite is an occasional omnivorous sampling of food blogs and sites we find particularly tasty. Follow the trail of bread crumbs back to earlier editions, starting here.

The latest serving of Blogs with Bite:

The Local Beet– “Local” means Chicago, but there are well-written blogs and features to interest readers (and eaters) everywhere.

Popcorn! — Website of the nonprofit Popcorn Board. Recipes, Encyclopedia Popcornica, features foe kids and teachers. Season it with the savory history of popcorn feature at USDA’s National Agricultural Library website.

Wild Fermentation– Micro-organisms make your meals tasty and your food longer-lasting. Unique, well-written website by Sandor Ellix Katz (Sandorkraut). Recipes and tips for making sauerkraut, pickles, sourdough, alcohol, and more.

Howcast Food & Cooking Videos – Kitchen skills, techniques, and recipes in a good selection of cuisines. Excellent production values.

Table Matters– Online magazine with outstanding features, particularly in the Culinaria and DIY departments.

Other Kitchens –  First-rate food photos; links to recipes.

Binnur’s Turkish Cookbook – Tasty Turkish cooking blog by Canadian author Binnur Tomay.

Seafood Selector – “Choose fish that are good for you and the ocean” through this webpage by the Environmental Defense Fund.

World’s Largest Ketchup Bottle – That may be “ketchup” to you, but this monument is in Collinsville, Illinois, former home of Brooks Catsup (now fresher!).

Beer Maps – The Beer Mapping Project. Maps of cities in the U.S.A. and a dozen other countries with locations of breweries, brewpubs, beer bars, beer stores, and homebrew stores. Beer Trip Planner function.

Burnt Lumpia –  Well-written, self-aware blog about Filipino cuisine and Southern California culture. Fun.

Dairy Today – Skim the cream of milk industry news from this Farm Journal website.

Cook Eat Fret–  A cooking blog by Nashville’s Claudia Young.

Food Photography Club– A Flickr photo group. 224 members, 5,644 photos, discussion and tips.

Eat Make Read – Chatty personal cooking blog by Brooklyn’s Kelly Carámbula. Excellent photography.

FoodConsumer – Informative — perhaps too informative — about possible health threats in comestibles. On the other hand, reading it may be an effective appetite suppressant for dieters.

Eat Me Daily – This group blog looks at food, culture, food in culture, and the culture of food. Recent posts: cooking in submarines, a digital Big Mac commerical, food paintings by Philadelphia artist Mike Geno, and a tribute to Gidget the Taco Bell chihuahua (1994 — 2009).

~MS the Younger

If you’re hungry for more, head over to our previous 50 Best Food Blogs post!


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