Alternative Valentine’s Day Gifts

Expressing one’s love to another is a celebrated custom on Valentine’s Day; whereby sweethearts, family members and friends present gifts to one another, such as cards, candy, flowers and other symbols of affection.  Need some gifting inspiration?  Take a look at some of the awesome craft/food/gift suggestions floating around on some of our favorite blogs and websites!

1)  Homemade Chocolate!

Tofu Choco = a match made in heaven? Tasty and healthier than your normal truffle.  Plus you can play the “what’s this made out of?” game.

Tofu and chocolate - a match made in heaven?  Apparently so!

Tofu and chocolate - a match made in heaven? Apparently so!

Or maybe you’d like to try this delicious looking homemade green tea chocolate recipe instead?  For the white chocolate lover.

Bitter green tea and sweet chocolate make a surprisingly good combination.

Bitter green tea and sweet chocolate make a surprisingly good combination.

2)  Print out your own cute card from the awesome blog, Cottage Industrialist.

CottageIndustrialist has got some adorable ones!

CottageIndustrialist has got some adorable ones! Blast your valentine to the moon...

Or hog-tie them and drag them home!

Or hog-tie them and drag them home!

I wish I could speak Dino.

I wish I could speak Dino.

3)  A basket of heart-shaped seed bombs for a beloved gardener!

An example of a "seed bomb" from Heavy Petal.

An example of a "seed bomb" from Heavy Petal.

I just recently learned about “seed bombs.”  They’re essentially little balls of clay and compost that are packed full of wildflower or herb seeds.  They’re a staple for the “guerrilla gardener” who might chuck them over fences into abandoned lots or onto median strips in the middle of a highway.  The balls hold up well in any weather and provide starting nutrients for the baby plants.  Heavy Petal has a wonderful series of posts about them -  including how to make them, and seed bombs in action!  Wouldn’t it be fun to whip up a bunch of these in heart shapes, full of wildflower seeds for your friends for Valentine’s day?

4)  Share the love with Mother Earth!  Flowers are a traditional gift for your valentine.  How about sending some eco-friendly flowers?  Organic Bouquet supplies flowers that are sustainably grown while using sustainable, biodegradable, green packaging.

Classic Red Roses

5)  For something a little different try the organic and soy-based hand-crafted products of Vermont-based Way Out Wax.  Give the gift of spiritual love with a Beeswax Buddha.

Meditating Beeswax Buddha Candle

Art inspired gifts

And how about these figures as gifts for the art lovers in your life?

Mary Cassatt Figure

Mary Cassatt Figure

The Art Institute of Chicago’s 2009 Gift Catalog includes these “inspired versions of great artists, each with a mini-masterpiece. Art lovers and collectors will appreciate the charming detail of these handcrafted figures.  Each is handmade by Byers’ Choice® Ltd. and conveys a distinct personality.  The original works of art can be found in the museum’s collection.”

What’s so cool is that each artist figure comes with an artwork on an easel.  Check out the Mary Cassatt Figure with Cassatt’s painting entitled The Child’s Bath, 1893.  Direct from the Institute’s collection.  Although I’m not sure if the oil paints on Mary’s palette match her painting…

The figures are handmade by Byers’ Choice® Ltd. This Pennsylvania-based family run business oversees a team of 180 artisans who handcraft these figures.  Delightful!

Here’s the Pierre Auguste Renoir Figure, complete with a copy of Two Sisters (On the Terrace), 1881.  Enjoy!


Pierre Auguste Renoir Figure

Still Searching for That Special Gift?

Still searching for that special gift for the art lover in your life?

Artware Editions specializes in functional objects and furniture designed by artists. These objects can vary greatly in medium and function having in common two central themes: utility, and strong visual and conceptual connections to the artists’ larger bodies of work.

merry merry by Marilyn Minter (2007)
die-cut self-adhesive vinyl sticker
tree: 58 1/2 x 48 inches
star: 12 1/2 x 12 1/2 inches
four separate ornaments: varying sizes
unlimited edition


Nana by Lisa Yuskavage (2005)
polyester curtain with plastic shower curtain rings
67 x 75 inches
edition of 300


beach/bath towel by Jeff Koons (2007)
100% cotton
60 x 70 inches
limited edition

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