State of the craft: quilt explosion

The popularity of quilting continues to grow, both within the United States and internationally.  Quilting is now a billion-dollar industry where creativity and skill entwine to create textile art of great beauty and creativity.

This CBS News video, Quilts for Sale, reports on the booming art form and talks with quilting celebrity, Ricky Tims.

From The National Quilting Association. Inc.:

Join us in the celebration of the 19th Annual National Quilting Day on March 20, 2010. Whether you celebrate with your quilting friends or alone, take time to reflect on the rich traditions of quiltmaking and the contributions to family and community made by quiltmakers for many generations.

The art of the quilt has garnered international appeal.  The TOKYO International Great Quilt Festival 2010 was held in January with amazing results.  These are not the quilts your grandmother might have made.

Here are the Winners of The 9th Japan Quilt Grand Prix.  The First Place prize was awarded to Yoshiko Miyamoto for Fly Me to the Moon:

Fly Me to the Moon by Yoshiko Miyamoto

The Friendship Award was presented to Yoko Sekita for Great day to be busy!

Great day to be busy! by Yoko Sekita

Ai Kijima is a Tokyo-born contemporary artist currently residing in New York City.  She is noted for her use of traditional quilting techniques to create colorful fabric collages from found materials such as bed sheets, vintage kimonos, t-shirts, curtains, and dishtowels.  Her quilt, Burn It Up (2006), is made from recycled materials including bed sheets, curtain, pillow case, clothes, apron, handkerchief, tablecloth. 104”x 91”

Burn It Up (2006) by Ai Kijima

The Quilting Bloggers website reports there are 3,904 quilting bloggers, or bloggers that quilt, with representatives from 69 countries and all American states.

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