Jeff Nishinaka’s paper sculpture

Readers of MadSilence know how we love paper art!  Check out the paper sculptures of artist Jeff Nishinaka.

Via dailyartmuse

Jeff Nishinaka paper sculpture

Note-ably artistic

Post-it® Notes art via Digg This!

If you’re like me, you find these lightly-gummed bits of colored paper to be indispensable in home and office. I especially like the little ones I can adhere to reports and books without damaging the pages. My current 3M office favorite is the pen that dispenses little multi-colored flags.

The “necessity, desire and innovation” that inspired the creation of 3M’s Post-it® Notes has apparently inspired artistic-types to use the notes in creative and unusual ways.

For example, there’s conceptual/installation artist Rebecca Murtaugh who chose to cover her bedroom with Post-its (images above). And there’s David Alvarez who created a portrait of Ray Charles with more than 2,000 colored Post-it Notes:

Of course, Post-it notes can also come back to haunt us, especially if used for the ubiquitous to-do list:

This flaming phoenix and 15 more Post-it Note pranks, sculptures and murals can be viewed at WebUrbanist.

How about a Jaguar sedan covered with post-it notes?

Art from the 3M Canada Post-It® Note-able Art Competition:

Seriously, though, Post-it Notes provide the artist with a simple method to apply colorful pigment to canvas, whether the canvas be a wall or automobile, creating an exact image in the manner of chromolithography or pointillism. It’s like painting, only without the brushstrokes and color mixing, and working in primary colors.

Need more creative post-it inspiration? Try the book Post-it Ideas That Stick!, containing “222 Ingenious, Creative, Practical and Simply Preposterous Ways of Using Post-it Notes.”

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