Atomic Afterimage

Atomic blast.  Nuclear fallout.  Atom bomb.  Mushroom cloud.  Radiation poisoning.  Hydrogen bomb.  Cold War.  Fallout shelter.  Nuclear winter. 

These images have haunted and intrigued human kind for over six decades.  I recall as a youth cowering into the dark basement of my parent’s house, portable radio playing, during a mock air raid. Squeezing under the desk at school, my 50 classmates hiding under theirs.  These images and experiences are engraved upon our memories.  They capture our attention and are reflected in our imagination and art.  They feed the aesthetic of the atomic age. 

  Image source:  I Remember JFK


Study for Yeso, Christmas Island (2004) by Robert Longo.  Ink and charcoal on vellum.  10.5x 21.75 inches.

Source: Art Knowledge News

“Chernobyl”  by Jamie Pitarch (2007).  Modified Russian doll, 12 x 6 x 7 inches.

Via GoodColors.

Bombhead (2002) by Bruce Conner. Pigmented ink jet, acrylic paint on paper, 38 x 31 in.


Fat Man, left, and Little Boy earrings.  Via the BBC.


Artist Robert Wilhite built this replica of Fat Man atom bomb.  The art piece is made of wood and is on display in Dallas, TX.

Via The Los Angeles Times.


Gregory Green’s Nuclear Device #2 (1996)

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